How important is nutrition in your health and fitness goals?



70%                                                                                  yes, 70%!!!

When I speak with people about their health and fitness goals, the most common thing I find is that people aren’t getting the proper nutrition.  Do you know what the #1 issue is??  They aren’t eating the most important meal – breakfast!  Do you know why breakfast is the most important meal?  It gets your metabolism going.  It’s food for your brain.  People say they don’t eat breakfast because they’re not hungry…but that’s because you’ve been training your body for years, that you’re not going to eat, so your body doesn’t expect food.  But if you started eating breakfast, your body will expect more food and this will kick your metabolism up a notch!

Beyond breakfast, our society is filled with a million other food dilemmas throughout the day.  People are so busy, so they “forget” to eat.  I eat 5 times a day, and when I forget a meal, my stomach starts grumbling and REMINDS me it’s time to eat 😉  They don’t know what they should eat, so they grab something on the road, thinking it’s a healthy option.  Maybe they don’t have “time” to cook so instead of cooking, they grab a frozen meal from the grocery store.  Perhaps you’re too tired to cook, so you “order in”.

Does this sound like you????  These scenarios are just a handful of the reasons clients tell me they aren’t eating how they think they should be eating.

In order to keep your metabolism at the max capacity, you need to be eating every 3-4 hours.  Your body is like an automobile, if you don’t fuel it, it won’t function. If you put bad gas in your auto, it won’t run properly.  It will break down, get poor mileage, etc.

Our food is heavily depleted of the proper nutrients due to over-farming and pesticides.  Even if you’re getting the proper nutrition, are you getting all the benefits from the food?  Is your body properly functioning?