There are many, amazing products that Isagenix has created to help you change your life.  They have created great paks to give you a variety of products to try for those first 30 days.  Here are my top picks – contact me and we can discuss what best suits your needs.  Free coaching and support while on the Isagenix systems.

30 Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System
– good start

This pak gives you everything you need to give it your fair 30 day trial.  These shakes pack a powerful 24 grams of protein and 8 grams of fiber, guaranteed to keep full.

30 day system

30 Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System with IsaLean Pro
– good start for athletes

This is the cleansing and replenishing pak for the athletes.  Athletes need MORE protein.  These shakes have 36 g of protein, less sugar, and less carbohydrates.  I use the IsaLean Pro.


Pacesetter Pak
– better start

This is the same as the 30 day systems but BOOSTED with a blender to make super shakes, a box of gluten-free protein bars, “oatmeal cookie” slim cakes, and the cleanse day MUST IsaDelight Plus chocolates.  YES, you can eat chocolates while you cleanse.  Isagenix chocolates, but yes, chocolate!!!  And because Isagenix likes to share, 5 sample paks to share with your friends.


Presidents Paks
– best start

The top two presidents paks are the Weight Loss Presidents Pak, and the Performance Presidents Pak.  These add the amazing vitamin paks with the anti-aging Product B.  These vitamins will accelerate your fat loss and boost your energy.

Weight loss pres pak

performance pres pak