There are two main components to Isagenix. First, Isagenix pioneered a safe and effective NUTRITIONAL CELLULAR CLEANSE (not a colon cleanse) that helps the body REMOVE IMPURITIES  and thus allowing your HORMONES to BURN FAT more effectively. Part of the reason people have fat is because of the toxin build up in the body. Fat is produced to encapsulate the harmful toxins. Toxins also inhibit that natural way hormones are supposed to work in the body.

When you get rid of the toxins, you get rid of the fat. Your hormones love to cleanse!

The second component is the very enjoyable and tasty meal replacement Isalean shakes. Our nation’s FOOD supply is NUTRITIONALLY DEPLETED and it is virtually impossible to get the 90 key nutrients your body needs on a daily basis unless you supplement. The 90 consists of 60 minerals and 30 vitamins, amino and fatty acids. The shakes contain 242 NATURAL ingredients.


So Many Options – Where do I start?

Isagenix offers you solutions for weight loss, energy and performance, youthful aging and more opportunity to live the life you want. They believe you deserve more. More time, more health, more security, more success, more purpose. Welcome to the new you.

What starts as a cleanse to balance your system, turns into so much more.  From losing those stubborn “last 5 pounds” to transforming your life by releasing 100+ pounds, Isagenix has a solution for you and your body!

As I mentioned, Isagenix is a TOTAL solution for your health and well-being.  They offer solutions for your joints, youthful aging, sleep and brain support, healthy snacking and so much more.

Want to hear about it from a physician’s point of view?